What to look for when buying an ultra portable laptop?

ultraportable laptops reviewedLaptop computers increase the mobility of computers and are perfect aid for people on the move. There are several advantages of laptops over desktops apart from mobility. They are more convenient to use, have built in battery in case of power failure, they make computers more personal in terms of security and usage, but they are also liable for theft. Ultra portable laptops make laptops even more convenient to carry and use. They are compact with smaller screen size (around 10″ or less) and lightweight (around 2 lbs). There are various points that one should keep in mind when buying an ultra portable laptop. This article discusses these themes and gives you top tips for buying an ultra portable laptop.

Frequency of usage is an important factor when buying a laptop. If a laptop is used regularly and carried around every day, then the size and weight are important issues to be considered. Laptops can weigh between 2 lbs to 12 lbs. Ultra portable laptops that are compact and lightweight are the right choice when mobility is important. When a laptop is used outdoors frequently, battery life is a vital point to keep in mind. The duration of usage away from a power outlet is determined by the battery capacity.

The type of application that is going to be run on the ultra portable laptop determines the kind of display, processor, memory and other features that the laptop should have. If the laptop is going to be used for demonstration purposes or for graphics intensive work, bigger and higher resolution display would be required. If it is for gaming, then it should have a fast graphics processor as well as good display. If the ultra portable laptop is going to be mainly used for office kind of applications like creating documents and send / receive them, then the graphics are not so important. But in this case, the laptop should have good external connectivity like Wi-fi, fast modem etc.

Finally the most important factor that one would be looking for when buying an ultra portable laptop is the price! Depending on professional or amateur (study purposes) use, a wide variety of laptops costing anywhere from £300 to £1800 are available. The price depends on the manufacturer, the model, features like weight, compactness, display quality, processor speed, memory and hard disk capacity, the software loaded on to the laptop etc.

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